Pandemic Response

Below this summary of the practical details, you will find a list of our most recent posts of both practical and pastoral nature. The dates are all attached and where they conflict, you should put your faith in the most current one. We will post regularly.

Practical summary

  • Worship services are no longer being held in person. We are holding online gatherings for the forseeable future.
  • Our open hours are now quite restricted and will likely cease once alternate services have been brought on line by the city.
  • A small staff and volunteer team is still distributing sandwiches and some emergency camping gear from 11am-1pm weekdays. To contribute to this, donate to the Homeless Memorial at the donate link at left, or contact to arrange a drop off time for pre-wrapped sandwiches and equipment.
  • Our offices are now closed. The Holy Trinity campus is still being attended by our caretaking team who are continuing to maintain the property.
  • If you are a member and need assistance in accessing groceries or other things or just need some contact, please use our email list or send an email to or call the office and leave a message (Margot will check regularly).

Most recent pandemic posts

Still present in Trinity Square - Mar 31, 2020 - Holy Trinity continues to play an important role as a centre of compassion and support in the midst of this epidemic. We are thankful for the outpouring of donations that you have very generously made available to folks who need them. We are now serving 150-200 meals a day, and making food available to take … Continue reading Still present in Trinity Square
Palm Sunday (P4) - Mar 29, 2020 - We’ll be gathering again this Sunday, April 5 at 10:30am. We’ll start the “meeting” at 10am so you can figure out how to make it work and chat with each other before the service. Welcome back, everyone, as we begin the journey through Holy Week. Since we won’t be able to be together holding palm … Continue reading Palm Sunday (P4)
Pandemic Sunday 3 (Lent 5) - Mar 27, 2020 - A huge thank you to Susie and Jennifer for hosting the service this week from their home and to Moon for providing the music from New Brunswick. We were up to 39 households this week from 27 last week. It was so good to see everyone. A recording of the service (minus all the visiting … Continue reading Pandemic Sunday 3 (Lent 5)
today’s update and a big thank you - Mar 24, 2020 - A big thank you to everyone who made sandwiches, brought supplies, cookies, and goodies for the folks outside. Today we saw upwards of 130 people. We received a large donation of survival gear from St. Andrew Kim’s and from TDIN to distribute and handed out every last thing. Our safe donation drop-off at 10:30am worked … Continue reading today’s update and a big thank you
Things we need at HT right now - Mar 23, 2020 - Hi Folks,Things are humming along at Holy Trinity, and I want to let everyone know that all our staff and volunteers are doing good, in good health and spirits. Thanks to everyone who, in their own way, and in their own abilities, have been helping out serving the most vulnerable. The scene at Trinity Square … Continue reading Things we need at HT right now
Pandemic Sunday 2 - Mar 20, 2020 - Thank you to everyone who joined us and a special thankjs to everyone who was able to contribute to making it happen: Suzanne Rumsey, Bill Whitla and Jean Robinson for reading; Ian Sowton for his homily; Jo Connolly, Joanna Manning and John Gardham for being part of the Nave team with me at HT; Susie … Continue reading Pandemic Sunday 2
Today at HT - Mar 18, 2020 - Hi Folks, Another day in paradise at Trinity Square- we served an ever growing amount of people who have been displaced through closures and service interruptions. Seemed like over 100 came for lunches, coffee, clothing and other staples. There is a very good feeling down here, that is somewhat hard to describe, but a very … Continue reading Today at HT
Pandemic Update – Mar 17 - Mar 17, 2020 - Dear Holy Trinity Members, Visitors and Volunteers, As you know, these are uncertain times. We are having frequent discussions and check-ins among parish leaders. We are making decisions and then having to re-visit them. In all of this we are mindful of the presented risks and of the effects on those who depend on us.
Pandemic Sunday 1 – A Disparate Gathering - Mar 15, 2020 - Our original service plan didn’t seem to quite fit the sudden format change or the people who now found themselves leading our first Disparate Gathering of the Community. The result was delightful, if somewhat improvised. Not everyone was able to join us, so here it is. Seems like the audio for the musical parts is … Continue reading Pandemic Sunday 1 – A Disparate Gathering
Always Open - Mar 14, 2020 - It’s important to remember: church doesn’t close. Ever. We may need to temporarily stop our face-to-face, full-on-peace-passing, communion-by-intinction, and offering-of-the-plates, but the church – the body of Christ – is a 24/7/365 reality. It’s lived, around the world, and in our homes; it acts, when our hearts reach out; it keeps going, wherever there is … Continue reading Always Open
COVID-19 update for the Holy Trinity Comunity - Mar 13, 2020 - UPDATE: This page is out of date. We will be keeping a special pandemic response page going forward. I am writing to update you on our planning around Coronavirus. As you may be aware, we have been instructed by the Diocese to restrict our functions to only those that are essential, meaning that they have … Continue reading COVID-19 update for the Holy Trinity Comunity

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