Pandemic UPDATES

Below this summary of the practical details, you will find a list of our most recent posts of both practical and pastoral nature. The dates are all attached and where they conflict, you should put your faith in the most current one. We will post regularly.

Practical summary

  • Worship services are no longer being held in person. We are holding online Sunday gatherings for the foreseeable future.
  • In addition to a Sunday service, we are holding a Wednesday Coffee Hour and a Thursday night cocktail and open mic event called Lifting Spirits.
  • Our open hours are now quite restricted and we hope that the city will soon make our services to the homeless unnecessary by housing them all and providing food support.
  • A small staff and volunteer team is still distributing lunches from our community kitchen and hygiene supplies from 11am-1pm weekdays. To contribute to this use the donation link at left.

Most recent pandemic posts

Stop Encampment Evictions - Dec 20, 2020 - People without housing need serious engagement from all levels of government. Please write to the Premier, Prime Minister and Mayor. A handwritten letter or card carries a lot of weight and we heartily encourage them, but urgency suggests that sending an email or calling is worthwhile. CC’ing your local MPP, MP, and Councillor is a […]
What’s needed at Trinity Square right now - Dec 1, 2020 - Donations Requested (new or like new please!) Please get in touch with the church to organize a drop off time via:Phone: 416-598-4521 | Last Updated 2020-11-27 Items in bold are what we need most. • Nail Clippers• Tissue Packs• Body Wash• Baby Wipes• Toothbrush• Deodorant• Shampoo• Conditioner• Small Hand Sanitizer • Razors• Rain Ponchos• […]
Everything you need to know about Advent at Holy Trinity - Nov 29, 2020 - A small group of Holy Trinity members have been meeting to plan for Advent. In spite of the worsening pandemic and recent lockdown, we continue to be excited about welcoming in this expectant season, this time of hopeful longing for the birth of Jesus and our own rebirth to newness and fullness of life in […]
Bishop of Toronto speaks to the housing crisis at Holy Trinity tomorrow - Nov 17, 2020 - TORONTO, Nov. 17, 2020 /CNW/ – The Right Reverend Andrew Asbil, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, will hold a press conference on Wednesday, November 18th at 11:30 a.m., at the encampment outside the Church of the Holy Trinity, Trinity Square, Toronto to demand immediate action on housing from the provincial and municipal governments […]
Sunday Gathering – November 15, 2020 - Nov 15, 2020 - Full Service Homily Our Community Director, Zach, reflects on abundance, inclusion, Holy Trinity, Trinity Square and the times we are living in.
Homily – Abundance - Nov 15, 2020 - Our Community Director, Zachary Grant, reflects on abundance, inclusion, and our current time. For to everyone who has, will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. And cast the worthless servant into the outer darkness. In that place […]
173 years of Community - Oct 25, 2020 - In our 33rd online gathering, Vivian, Rachael and Kevin offered a wonderful morning filled with inspiration and memory. We remembered our saints and accomplishments as a community over our many years together and up to the very recent times. It is amazing to me that we are growing stronger in most ways as we live […]
A Revolution of Values - Oct 18, 2020 - Jo Connelly offered an inspiring homily today that you can read and view below. It was set in the context of speeches by Dr. King, Jesus, and Autumn Peltier and music, ancient and modern, that reflects on justice and injustice. You can view the entire service here… Give to God, what is God’s As the […]
From sit-down to takeout: COVID-19 changes the way Toronto charities feed the homeless at Thanksgiving - Oct 10, 2020 - Wonderful day with Ted Rogers School of Management – Ryerson University thanks for 5 amazing years of cooperation! Star article below… From sit-down to takeout: COVID-19 changes the way Toronto charities feed the homeless at Thanksgiving Physical distancing, takeout meals and Plexiglas shields are on the menu for Thanksgiving meals for the needy this year. […]
Over the last six months, I’ve tested more than 1,000 people for Covid in hospitals, shelters and homeless encampments - Oct 9, 2020 - “The encampment at Trinity was nestled in the shadow of the Eaton Centre. The church supplied tents and drop-in meals throughout the week. I arrived on testing day, an hour before everyone else, and watched the encampment slowly wake up. The clusters of tents, the bags and boxes and personal belongings, reminded me of the […]
ON/side our Walls - Jun 7, 2020 - In the midst of a global pandemic we have, among other things, found ourselves without a venue for anything except relief efforts for the most vulnerable. We are known for our long-standing interest in justice, but we also care deeply about art, music and beauty. Our Community Director Zachary Grant proposed an outdoor exhibit on […]
Life after Covid-19 - May 22, 2020 - Sherman Hesselgrave God’s people have a rich repertoire of tales about surviving floods, plagues, political upheaval, and every form of human cruelty. Some of the stories that come to mind: Joseph (of “technicolour dreamcoat” fame), who was thrown into a deep pit by his brothers to die, later becomes the Minister of Agriculture in Egypt […]
Emotional Mastery in Dark Times - May 22, 2020 - Workshop Series Disciplines from DBT to Cope (and Maybe Sometimes Even Thrive) Amid Sorrows, Terrors and Horrors Alejandra Lindan Some of us have already met a couple times for what was intended to be a “one-off” workshop based in dialectical behaviour therapy (aka DBT, which is the model I work from in my therapy practice). But […]
Car caravan to protest city and provincial neglect of homeless in pandemic - May 5, 2020 - Tomorrow, May 6th, at 12 noon,  Torontonians will hold a car caravan protest to demand that the city and province immediately house all people experiencing homelessness in order to prevent COVID-19 deaths. Protesters will draw attention to the basic hypocrisy of governments asking people to “stay home” and practice physical distancing while abandoning thousands of […]
donate to our pandemic response - Apr 25, 2020 - We have re-focused much of our staffing to support those who are really struggling in this moment. We would really appreciate your support to purchase food and camping equipment and the cost of keeping our building open and our staff focused on supporting the needy in this challenging time. بوكر عربي DONATE NOW at CANADA […]
compassion in dying - Apr 25, 2020 - Thank you to long-standing member Kevin Bezanson for this insightful and and eloquent appeal to compassion.
From the Incumbent - Apr 10, 2020 - On Holy Tuesday, April 7th, I observed that my last Sunday at Holy Trinity, Trinity Sunday, was exactly two months away. And then I realized that my last service will probably be streamed online, and that I would likely be retiring without being able to hug anyone goodbye or have lunch or dinner with anyone […]
Week 4 update - Apr 10, 2020 - Thank you to everyone who has donated their time and support to Holy Trinity’s COVID relief efforts. Holy Trinity continues to play an important role as a centre of compassion and support in the midst of this epidemic. We are thankful for the outpouring of donations that you have very generously made available to folks […]
Palm Sunday (P4) - Apr 1, 2020 - Palm Sunday Bulletin Welcome back, everyone, as we begin the journey through Holy Week. Since we won’t be able to be together holding palm branches this year, you might want to create your own branches or bring one in from outside. موقع قمار The service this morning was led by Sherman Hesselgrave with musical support […]
Still present in Trinity Square - Mar 31, 2020 - Holy Trinity continues to play an important role as a centre of compassion and support in the midst of this epidemic. We are thankful for the outpouring of donations that you have very generously made available to folks who need them. We are now serving 150-200 meals a day, and making food available to take […]

April 23 worship online only

While the church building is closed for electrical upgrades we will meet online only. Regular in person worship resumes April 30.